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NorthwestTravelAdvisor.Com is designed to help the Northwest resident and visitor find unique and extraordinary getaway experiences in and near the Greater Northwest that match with our readers' vacation preferences.

We invite you to take a test drive of our online Getaway Machine™, which takes up to 40 of your personal preferences and searches for getaways in the distance and price range that you request. Additional features such as FastBreak and MidWeek Bargains are designed to offer the reader the best in travel bargains for the Greater Northwest.

You'll also find our website has information on many cities and regions throughout our state to help you determine where you might want to search for that ideal getaway. Our Focus Features and Focus Destinations offer first-hand reports on unique getaways and vacations in all parts of the Northwest. Those features are also published in dozens of Northwest newspapers and magazines as part of our regular travel column that reaches millions of readers each week.

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E-mail: GetawayMediaCorp@gmail.com

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