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Seattle rain?
City far from the rainiest in the U.S.
Everybody knows the image Seattle has -- it rains a lot 1 in Seattle, right? Well less than you might think, according to an article on CityLab.com that says Seattle is far from the rainiest city in the U.S.

Of course it is gray during the winter, and there's no getting around that. But the summers in Seattle can be glorious with plenty of sunshine and very little extreme heat, according to CityLab.

"Even during the wet season(s) it's rare to have a ground-pounding deluge, as the precipitation tends to be as fine as a greenhouse keeper's plant spritzer," the website states.

The website cites climatologist Brian Brettschneider, who's perplexed by the city's image. "Some places here in Alaska receive more rain in a month than Seattle receives in a year, so I have always found it curious that Seattle has this wet reputation," he says. "When I visited New York last week for the first time, I looked up their climate data and found them to be wetter than Seattle."

Brettschneider went so far as to create a map showing all the places in the U.S. that are wetter than Seattle. Among the wetter places are most of the East and the South, as well as parts of the Pacific Northwest, southern Alaska, and Hawaii.

Still need convincing? Consider that Seattle gets 37.5 inches of precipitation during an average year. Hilo, Hawaii, gets 126.7 inches, Atlanta gets 49.7 inches, Houston gets 49.8 inches, New York gets 44.7 inches -- well you get the idea.

It's the gray and the long periods of light rain that give Seattle its reputation, but now you know the rest of the story.
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