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Tourist trolley
New easy transportation for visitors to Seattle
Seattle visitors now have a convenient new way to get 1 around town and see the most visited tourist attractions in the Emerald City.

The Emerald City Trolley is running four trolleys on two loops, all starting their routes near the Experience Music Project. Run as a "hop on, hop off service," the trolley can be ridden all over town and to such locations as Ballard and Fremont.

The trolley service will take you to most of the major tourist attractions in the city, or get you close to them. The Pike Place Market and the Waterfront are covered, as well as Pioneer Square. A special tour is available to the Future of Flight in Everett. A separate shuttle service, at separate cost, is offered in Woodinville between the Warehouse District and the Hollywood District.

If you're envisioning a trolley like San Francisco, that isn't exactly what we have here. These trolleys have wheels, not tracks -- and you pay per day based on how many days you'll be using the trolley. Prices start at $35 for two days of unlimited transit, $28 for one day. The trolleys have seating both indoors and in the open air.

The trolley fills a void in Seattle since Gray Line is ceasing operations of its double-decker bus.

There is a ticket stand at the base of the Space Needle, or you can buy tickets from the Call Center. The trolley only runs in the summer and will go through Sept. 28 this year.

Complete information is at http://www.emeraldcitytrolley.com.
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