PBS releases TV segment on Grand Coulee Dam
The PBS series American Experience has put together a DVD  1on the building of Grand Coulee Dam. The film features interviews with many of the men who built the dam as well as their familes. Also interviewed are the local people who saw their lives transformed by the building of the dam.

The DVD also delves into the controversy surrounding the building of the Grand Coulee Dam. The PBS promotional description of the DVD says the dam is "at once a symbol of America's remarkable ability to dominate nature and rejuvenate an entire region of the country (but) also a cautionary tale about arrogance, our relationship to the natural world, and the price of progress."

Construction on the dam was created in the darkest days of the Depression and planners promised it would be "the biggest thing on Earth." It was to be a dam and irrigation project that would make the desert bloom as well as a source of inexpensive power.

Today you can take a 45-minute tour of Grand Coulee Dam. Guests are escorted by an armed guard to the top of the spillway where they look down a wall of water higher than Niagara Falls. The tour also takes you into the power plant where you'll see the dam's inner workings.

Grand Coulee Dam is the world's biggest dam and remains among the few dams in the world that can produce enough electricity to power 11 western states. If you're visiting the Wenatchee Valley and such popular destinations as Lake Chelan and Leavenworth, the dam is an easy day trip if you're based in any of those areas.

Click on this link for more information on the Grand Coulee Dam DVD.
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