New museum
Hanford Reach Interpretive Center now open
If you've ever wondered about the Hanford Reach  1area in Richland, Washington, a major new museum is now open. The Hanford Reach Interpretive Center will answer all your questions about this region of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the nuclear activities at Hanford -- and then some.

It's a brand new museum and visitor center that's devoted to the cultural and natural history of the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River. This 24,000-square-foot center is a gateway to the Hanford Reach National Monument and features the history of technology and agriculture in the area as well as information on topics such as the Manhattan Project National Park and the Ice Age Floods.

Audiovisual components add to the exhibits and displays, which are especially illuminating for visitors who want to learn more about the Columbia River and this region of the country.

The new center is located in Columbia Park West and has a robust schedule of tours and special events focused on education. It even has a series of concerts that will run throughout the summer.

Locals refer to the center as "the Reach" and you can learn more about the center by visit their website at
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