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Finders Keepers
Visitors find buried treasure in Lincoln City
It's Finders Keepers in Lincoln City, Oregon -- at least 1 from now until Memorial Day 2015. That means you can keep anything you find on the beach which, we have on good authority, includes upwards of 3,000 items just waiting for you to discover them.

It's like buried treasure, and the locals are burying the treasure to get vacationers to come on down to Lincoln City and enjoy the beach. Volunteers will be hiding glass treasures on the beach, the 16th season they have done so.

Before you get all worried that you might actually step on the glass, it's not that kind of glass. You'll find glass crabs, sand dollars, colorful glass floats and other items as you search the beach.

The glass floats are signed and numbered and will be hidden along 7.5 miles of the public beaches at Lincoln City. When you find one, just take it to the Visitors' Center at 540 NE Highway 101 in Lincoln City and they'll give you a certificate that explains who the artist is who created the glass float.

For more information on Lincoln City, visit www.oregoncoast.org.
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