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Summer concerts
Maryhill brings big names to Columbia Gorge
If you haven't been to a winery that hosts big-time  1concerts, you haven't enjoyed one of life's true pleasures. For people who like music and wine, there is no better combination than a band and a bottle of wine from the winery hosting the musical event.

This kind of winery is a "destination winery" and one of the most popular is the Maryhill Winery and Amphitheater, not far from Goldendale, WA in the Columbia River Gorge. This summer, the winery is hosting some well-known bands and artists. Some concerts are already sold out, although online ticket agencies like Stubhub may still have tickets available.

Among the acts this year are three appearing later this summer: Styx along with Foreigner, who will play August 2; the Peter Frampton Guitar Circus on August 23; and Ian Anderson, the frontman for Jethro Tull, performing that group's popular hits on Sept. 13.

With the Gorge as a stunning backdrop, the natural Amphitheater can hold 4,000 people. The winery sells its wines by the bottle and vendors are on the premises to offer a variety of foods.

Even when there is no musical entertainment, the Maryhill Winery has its own "stars" -- the 40 award-winning varietals and blends that the winery produces. Combine the music, wine and great views, and you have the makings of some special summer happenings you'll remember for a long, long time.

More information: www.maryhillwinery.com
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