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Royal BC Museum
Exhibit brings back BC Gold Rush
There’s gold in them thar museums – especially  1the Royal BC Museum, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Victoria, BC.

If you haven’t been there, the museum is an amazing depiction of early BC life and uses dioramas to display places and times in minute detail. You can spend hours visiting the museum, located in the Inner Harbour area, and still not see the whole thing.

Now the museum is re-creating the Gold Rush of the late 1850’s when thousands of miners came to Victoria and British Columbia’s Fraser Canyon, an event that brought the modern age to British Columbia. The Gold Rush! El Dorado in BC exhibition tells the stories o those hopeful miners, Chinese immigrants and the indigenous communities and their quest to strike it rich.

Among the things you’ll see is a million dollar coin, which is the largest existing gold nugget from BC. There are lots of artifacts from the period including clothing, a poker table, a stagecoach and diaries from the miners. Many art treasures are displayed as well.

While in Victoria, be sure to check out the Gold Rush Tales walking tour that takes you through the city while you hear stories about Victoria’s historic buildings and the Gold Rush.
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