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Ruby Theatre is Chelan diamond in the rough
Along with the crystal-clear waters of Lake Chelan  1and a host of family activities that make this North Central Washington playground a regular vacation destination for many families, visitors will find one other very unique attraction -- a 102-year-old movie theater that is like a journey back in time.

The Ruby Theatre, which dates back to 1913, proudly stands on Woodin Avenue downtown where it not only still shows movies, but first-run movies at that. Visitors will find the movies that are opening in their home towns are opening at just about the same time at the Ruby Theatre.

Go see a movie at the Ruby and it's not like your local 16-plex -- it's one theater, slightly smaller than the modern multi-plex theaters, but it has upgraded seating in much of the theater. The decorations on the wall are all ornate and antique -- as though it's 1913 and the theater has just opened. On the screen you're seeing historic photos of Lake Chelan. Out front at the snack stand, the old-fashioned movie popcorn is sending its irresistible aroma throughout the building. Buy a box and they'll drench it for you with butter.

Before the start of the movie, someone from the theater will make their way to the stage down front where they will explain to the audience that the theater once had regular musical and theatrical performances and that the orchestra pit is actually just below the stage. Then there is a brief description of the movie you are about to watch with the actors' names and movie trivia that is almost like watching the AMC.

Then the lights drop and the show begins. There are no cell phones, talking or other distractions in the theater, seemingly out of reverence for the experience. After all, it's not every day you get to travel back 100 years and enjoy a first-run movie at the same time.
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