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Drink Me Magazine rates hippest Seattle bars
Ever wonder where the really cool people go  1in Seattle when they want to have a drink and contemplate life in the Great Northwest? Writer Jennifer Molina figured it out and listed the five hippest Seattle bars in a recent article for Drink Me Magazine.

She points out that every neighborhood has something unique to offer, but she did choose five that seemed to rise above the others.

The 5 Point Cafe is what Ms. Molina calls the "ultimate dive bar" and has a long "gritty history," yet still makes the Top 5 -- maybe because of the periscope in the men's bathroom that has a view of the Space Needle. Happy hour micro-brews are only $3, so that's another big plus. The bar is at 415 Cedar Street.

The Ballard Loft is the "classic industrial-area salvaged space" which makes sense for industrial Ballard. This bar is in a space formerly used as a machine shop and has a garage door, a large crane hanging from the ceiling and various items that point to Ballard's Maritime history. This bar is at 5105 Ballard Aven NW.

Over on Queen Anne Hill, Nana's Family Mexican Kitchen and Cantina has a certain cache and great Mexican food as well, acording to the article. The decor is "half pueblo, half saloon" with bright, warm colors and drinks to make you feel bright and warm, too. The margaritas are recommended. The address is 1825 Queen Anne Ave N.

The most unusual name for a Seattle bar has to be 9 Million in Unmarked Bills and apparently they're also one of the five hippest bars. It's a "prohibition, almost apothecary-style bar" that has a great selection of food that is served during their food happy hour. Whiskey is the house specialty and you can sample to your heart's content, or until you fall on the floor. This bar is at 3507 Fremont Pl N.

Lloyd Martin rounds out the Top 5 and this Queen Anne restaurant is a bit more elegant setting for a bar. You'll want to try their small plates for under $10 that are served during "Social Hour" from 5 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. They're not serving Carl's Jr. here -- expect things like rabbit pate or white bean mousse tartine. The article points out that "everything at Lloyd Martin is seasonal and straight from a local farmer." The address is 1525 Queen Anne Ave N.

To read more about the Top 5, visit www.drinkmemag.com.
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