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Special tour to show how to lead simple life
Most people know Leavenworth well for its famous scenery, incredible Christmas tree lighting festivals, and fun-filled Oktoberfest, but many people may not realize the Bavarian Village is home to numerous inspiring examples of people leading simpler, more sustainable lives.

 1For the third year visitors are invited to take the Leavenworth Sustainable Living and Farming Tour, presented by Simply Living Farm and the Wenatchee River Institute. The groups' mission is to motivate, educate and equip people to lead simpler, more sustainable lives, and to do so by leading by example.

The tour will be held on September 10-11, 2016 and will visit nearly 20 sites in the greater Leavenworth area such as organic farms and gardens, residential solar electric systems, backyard chickens, a yurt, a tiny house, a straw bale house, and much more.

Workshops and demonstrations will be offered on several topics including harvesting honey, fermenting food, embracing those with developmental disabilities, building healthy soils, and many others. The event also includes MarketPlace, a street-fair-like event featuring local and sustainability-related vendors of products and services.

For more information, you can go to: www.WenatcheeRiverInstitute.org or www.SimplyLivingFarm.com. Or you can visit the Leavenworth Sustainable Living and Farming Tour’s Facebook page.
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