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Four BC destinations make Top 10 in Canada
Everybody knows that British Columbia is blessed with incredible beauty and an amazing number of destinations to attract travelers from all over the world. Now TripAdvisor has made it official -- four of the Top 10 destinations in Canada are located in British Columbia.

Residents of the Northwest are fortunate to have B.C. so close, yet sometimes U.S. travelers don't realize just what lies in store for them just across the border. And, as if that wasn't enough, current exchange rates make travel to B.C. a bargain with it costing just 79 cents U.S. to buy a Canadian dollar.

Here are the B.C. cities that made the Top 10, and what TripAdvisor had to say about them:

No. 1 Vancouver, B.C. -- What happens when a "gassy" Englishman rows into town feeling thirsty? A pub is born. And from that a city -- in this case Vancouver. Though the pubs are plentiful, food and drink aren't the only things to take in during your trip. In its 150 years, Vancouver has grown into a cosmopolitan city nestled in the great outdoors. Enjoy the snow-capped mountains, waterfront forests, cityside beaches, Olympic history and the world's highest suspension bridge. Hipsters welcome. (Don't worry, they don't bite.)

No. 4 Victoria -- It's still one of the most British cities in North America, but there's more to Victoria than tearooms, antique shops and galleries (though there are plenty of those). Driven by the younger generation, the city has sprouted a collection of cool shops, authentic coffee bars and unique restaurants. It also has more cycling routes than any other Canadian city, providing a great way to explore the picturesque location (and avoid an afternoon of antique shopping).

No. 7 Whistler -- Whistler, British Columbia, is a short trip from Vancouver by road, rail or air. The stunning landscape, pedestrian-only Village and genuine, down-to-earth mountain culture make Whistler an unforgettable year-round destination. Winters provide reliable snow for skiing, snowboarding and Nordic sports while golf, mountain biking and hiking fill the warmer months. Festivals, spas, restaurants and bars combine with endless outdoor activities to make Whistler the ultimate place to escape and unwind.

No. 8 Tofino -- It's true: you can surf in Canada. And Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, is where you'll find exceptional surfing, Canadian-style. Busiest in summer, Tofino also fills up in winter when storm watchers descend upon this tiny town. Stay at an upscale inn and enjoy the town that affectionately calls itself The Tree Loving Capital of the World.
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