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New signs point way to N. Central WA wineries
Visitors to North Central Washington should find it a lot  1easier to locate some of the more out-of-the-way wineries in the region thanks to a new program that is putting up "Wine Country" roadway signs.

The region's winery population has exploded in recent years to the point that there are now 67 wineries in two Washington counties, Chelan and Douglas, most of them in the popular tourist areas of Leavenworth and Lake Chelan. About a third of those now have roadway signs nearby that identify the winery as part of Wine Country. Others will follow as more wineries opt to pay a portion of the cost to put up the signs. In all, there were 90 directional signs planted this year in 35 locations as part of the new program.

The signs are a joint project of Chelan Public Works, the port districts of Chelan and Douglas County and Cascade Valley Wine Country, the parent marketing organization for the region's wineries. The signs have been several years coming and one impetus was the success of Yakima Valley wineries and their signage program.

While some of the area's wineries are easy to spot, others are more out-of-the-way and local winery owners say the signs are already making a difference for those wineries.

North Central Washington is a popular year-round tourist destination for residents of Western Washington who find the consistently sunny weather a nice contrast with the more damp climate west of the Cascades Mountains. The most popular destinations are Leavenworth, Lake Chelan, Wenatchee and Winthrop, each with its own tourist appeal.
PHOTOS: Getting the new North Central Washington signs was a group effort
PHOTO CREDITS: Photo courtesy Cascade Valley Wine Country
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