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Kalaloch Lodge
No internet, but plenty of breathtaking beauty
There is no doubt that many Big City  1visitors to the Kalaloch Lodge will think they have just landed on another planet – it’s one of the few lodgings in the Pacific Northwest nowadays where you have no in-room phones or internet service. Want to stream a Netflix movie on your laptop? You’d have better luck if you were on the lunar landing module with Neil Armstrong.

But that’s the lure of the place, and the visitors who keep coming back to Kalaloch and its’ cozy cabins are purposely leaving civilization in the rear view mirror. Out here on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s all about rain forests and incredibly scenic beaches where you can explore for hours while the surf pounds nearby and the only other sounds you’ll hear are the hungry seagulls.

Kalaloch is the only such lodging on about a 75-mile stretch of pristine coastline, about an hour away from the nearest big city. The fully self-contained cabins – with the exception of phones and internet, of course – are positioned perfectly out on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s just a short walk down to the beach and then you can walk north or south until your heart’s content. The beaches, with their ample supply of driftwood and other washed-up treasures, seem utterly endless.

 1We enjoyed the simplicity of Kalaloch – a simple cabin with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom that features million-dollar views of the coastline. There are a few dozen cabins so you’re not exactly by yourself – but the cabins are far enough apart to feel quite private. You have a carport and a new bundle of firewood is available each day. What more could you ask for?

We can think of two particular types of travelers the Kalaloch cabins would appeal to – couples and families. The cabins aren’t fancy, but they do have a charm that’s perfect for that getaway with your Significant Other – as we can attest since it was just the two of us on this visit. But it’s easy to envision the living room as a great place for everyone to sit around and play games and actually converse with each other as families look for that quality time with each other that seems to elude them with busy schedules at school and work.

With us, the two main activities were exploring and reading. We’d walk along the beach examining every strange artifact as though it was a remnant from a pirate ship and then, when we finished with that, we’d go back and get caught up on our reading. The kitchen had everything we needed to 1 prepare our meals which somehow just tasted better because of our remote surroundings.

And just an hour up the road from Kalaloch is the Hoh Rain Forest where you can hike deep into some of the most vegetated terrain on earth. A lush green canopy covers much of the region while mosses and ferns give you the feeling you are hiking right into some sort of fairy tale. Like the pristine beaches, there is almost an other-worldly feel to the rain forest and the Olympic National Park has provided some excellent trails and facilities to help you enjoy your visit.

Driving to Kalaloch from the the Seattle area, you can choose to take either the northern or southern route. The northern route will take you close to the Seaport Village of Port Townsend – well worth a stop all of its own, and through the upper reaches of the Olympic National Park including the area near Lake Crescent. Another highlight these days along the northern route is the town of Forks, which has claimed international fame because it is the setting for the Twilight books and movies. From the south, you’ll go through the state capital of Olympia on out to the Aberdeen-Hoquiam area, the nearest cities of any real size to Kalaloch.

 1For more information on Kalaloch Lodge, phone 866-662-9928 or visit www.thekalalochlodge.com. In addition to the cabins, Kalaloch offers accommodations in the Main Lodge – where a couple of rooms do have television -- and in the nearby Seacrest House. A restaurant with reasonably priced meals is available in the Main Lodge and a resort grocery store will help you replace things you run out of while staying at Kalaloch.

If planning to stay more than a few days, it's recommended that you buy groceries in one of the cities along the way. The Aberdeen-Hoquiam area is about an hour from Kalaloch when you come to the resort via the southern route. From the north, there is a well-stocked grocery store in Forks, also about an hour from Kalaloch.
PHOTOS: Kalaloch cabin and view; beaches near Kalaloch; Kalaloch cabins are on a bluff overlooking the ocean; Hoh Rain Forest trail takes you to beautiful waterfall
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